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Hey everyone,

Marcus Vernnon here  with a few tips that can help you with some of your Search Engine Optimization beliefs!

Search engines are widely misunderstood. The main reason why they are misunderstood is that the rules that they use change so often. Search engines are under a lot of pressure to keep spam under control which is the main reason that their rules and formulas change so often. This has led to many people having incorrect ideas about search engine policies on how to increase your rank, how to get indexed quickly and things like that. To be able to use SEO effectively you have to know what information you can trust. I will now expose some of these commonly repeated myths.

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Hi everyone, Marcus Vernnon here,

If you’ve struggled with driving traffic and want an effective way to make it work, you need to look into Wordpress SEO Knowledge . A lot of people have started using Wordpress and consider it to be the leader in the field of blogging platforms. Why Wordpress? Besides the fact it’s simple to use, it also offers you the ability for you to optimize your website for all the search engines. continue reading…

With , a content generation and distribution tool, you will be able to increase your website’s search engine rankings. When it comes to finding an auto-submission program to distribute your articles and multiplying your backlinks by the hundreds instantly, there are many services that claim to get you the results you need. The truth is, though, that they won’t help your search engine rankings and just add to the growing pile of internet spam. This is a practice that all search engines frown upon. If you regularly distribute spam type content, you could find that search engines ban your websites.  In other words, you are de-indexed from search engines. The only way to increase your business long term without losing to your competition is to produce quality content that is unique. This Link Dozer Review will explain many of the advantages and benefits that Link Dozer can provide for you.

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