When I started out as an affiliate marketer, I had high hopes that it would be an easy road to success. It didn’t take long to figure out that this might take a while!

It’s been a bumpy road but there is a lot to learn and I enjoy every bit of it (my wife doesn’t, though)!

The money hasn’t come easy. With a little patience and desire to be away from my day job, I have continued until now. Being on the road all the time or punching a clock just wasn’t what I wanted anymore.

I wanted the freedom to take a trip to Florida, California, France, Germany or Italy if I wanted to.

Even though Internet Marketing is still hard work, it provides the freedom I am looking for to do all the things in life I want to do without having to punch a clock 4 times a day.

I love Internet Marketing and I’m sure you will too!

Marcus Vernnon