Statistics show that between 90 to 95% of the affiliates do NOT make money online. Well, it’s 100% true! Statistical analysis indicates that the vast proportion of money earned is made by the super affiliates, while just about everyone else wastes their time buying products from a juicy sales site which suggests automatic million dollar returns with very little effort.

While the pitch sounds too good to be true, many people fall for the same song and dance over and over, simply hoping that the claims will materialize the next time. But what do you really get from these offers? An eBook taking up too much memory and so disorganized that you have a hard time locating even the simplest of information that you could have found yourself online.

Considering all this, you might be wondering how The Affiliate Code is different from all these other products. Is it yet another ebook without any kind of game plan to work with? The response is a definite NO.

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